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1.01 Introduction

First goal for me is the suitability of a new steamboat for traveling in the country. So light weight and not all too large external dimensions. Furthermore, such a travel steamer is not swimming in the water for too long, so it also should be easy to store. Because you never know where you are at home tomorrow and garages as an inexpensive, widely available boat shed at least 5 m in length, is the one first fixed limit for me. So you have then the possibility of building the boat near your apartment or accomplish it there at least. The later maintenance is simplified - an experience from the operation with Emma.

In addition to the desired external dimensions, a major boat layout determined by the later application. In this case, a 4 m boat for 2 people can be generous and a 9 m boat with kitchen, shower and sleeps 4 can be at least uncomfortable - it has to fit just everything together - But as always with steamboats - anything goes!

For me, the seat comfort is also an important variable in the specifications. If the boat is once up and running as you want, after all, you want to enjoy and do not sit like the monkey on the coconut. I which to get two comfortable seats, from which one the engine and the boat can operate comfortably. A third and fourth jump seat must give low comfort for small tours with guests or hold additional fuel for day trips.

Comfort seats need a full sitting height and in slope and height comfortable backrest. Since you are building the steamboat for yourself, you only have to plan for your size. This is best done with the height adjustable office chair, comparable seating or a few boards on a box. Lately, I have tested all kind of possible seating to find the golden dimensions.

The best studies you still do at the original. Therefore, I have viewed and analyzed all kind of boats fitting my size in mind right out of my steamboat register. "Stealing with eyes" is simple and effective - why should I do the mistakes of others once again. Why not learning from the winner. Many details have to be reconsidered. Read more on the next pages.

My most urgent advice: Should you ever come to the "embarrassment" to plan a steamboat for your own, take a lot of rides on other boats. I am happy to help you in finding the contact to the next steam boater near you! Only through the experience of the characteristics of the different boat types and layouts you can find out by yourself what is important and what could be left or done an other way round to fit your needs.

My Specifications - Part 1
Travel suitability high!!
leight weight trailer for normal car
trailer for 100 km/h max speed on the Autobahn
Place for building and storageBoat with length of about 5 m
Seats 2 comfort seats for day trips
2 junp seats for guests or fuel (wood or coal)

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