My Valve Gear Simulation Software von Rainer RadowMy Valve Gear Simulation Software - download<br>

My Valve Gear Simulation Software


My Valve Gear Simulation Software - download

update: 04.2015

Thank you for your interest in my valve gear simulation program.

You will find all necessary files in ZIP Format. So you will need an un-zip program to open the installation.

Remark in 2013 (I have programmed this in 1998/99 mostly!!)
The program is still running with Widows 7 and Windows 8 for me - with little inconveniences ;-) But Microsoft has changed it's help file structure starting with Windows 7. Because of this interactive help text is only available while operating the program within Windows 95/98 or Windows XP.

Remark in 2015
There is a free add on available provided by Microsoft to display such old Help content with new Windows versions. Please search for 'WinHlp32.exe for Windows 8.1' or try out this link for Windows 8.1 help

Help context installation:

I have provided documentation and an explanation of this program so that not only experienced "steamboaters" can utilize its output, but also "newcomers" can learn something. The Help Text can be read as a book -- page-by-page -- with a "click" on the Next Page button. You can download the help text for free and run it without the program.
Just click on the two files with the right mouse button (on Windows Systems) and download them to any directory in your computer for free. After that click on the dampf15e.hlp file and it will start automatically. .
dampf15e.hlp ca. 51 kB - works only with win 95/98 or Win XP
dampf15e.cnt ca. 2 kB - works only with win 95/98 or Win XP

Program installation:

1) Please download this file about 2.7 MB.

2) Unzip it into a temporary directory.

3) Start the installation by double clicking at Setup.exe.

4) Follow the instructions at the screen.

5) Help only works with Windows XP or older - sorry ...
Copy the newest help files into the directory
Dampf15.cnt and

6) Erase the temporary directory created before.

7) Start Dampf33.exe.

8) From former times this software has a password lock. It's free to use now. Type in a '1' into all fields of the legitimation window. Use the code '401' and click 'OK'.

9) Please send me a copy of your virtual steam engine!