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2.02 Comparative Measurement - Don Camillo

After the first rough definition of the hull features of my future steamboat Mini I wanted to experience the possible dimensions even in 1:1 dimensions. Now I would have made a 1:1 cardboard model or wait for the next steamboat meet. But both would take too long. Then Ewald crossed my mind, who has the Don Camillo in his "shed". Two short calls and I had invited myself 300 km from Hanover. After excellent hospitality by the fleet boss Maria I could sample sitting and measure out all desired proportions - thank you Maria nad Ewald!

Even the cover is simply well thought out! It is divided in half. So in heavy weather the bow half can be assembled as a splash guard.

Dampfboot Hülle Don Camillo

This picture gives an overview of the overall layout of Don Camillo with its 4.88 m x 1.65 m = 16 'x 5' 5 ". The lowered front deck with storage area and movement area in front of it. Then two auxiliary seats next to the boiler. Followed by the "boiler and engine room" and at least the couch and the aft deck. These now more in detail:

Dampfboot Panorama Don Camillo

The most important, the seat position and seat comfort for the skipper. Despite the small dimensions of 4.88 x 1.65 meters the boat offers a spacious interior and ample space for the whole machinery. This would also hold a duplex feed pump and other gimmicks to bring in extra. The advantage of this size, you can reach everything very quickly.

Dampfboot Sitzen hinten Don Camillo

The back rest height of 440 mm is at least 100 mm too low for my 1.83 m body height -> additional specification: back rest height at least 550 mm

Dampfboot Lehnenhöhe Don Camillo

260 mm seat height (cushion included) is for my circumstances a little low. But in sum, the passenger thus forms a coherent unit with the boat. So you sit "in the boat" and not "on the boat". Since I want to build a coaming of about 150 mm around the decks I can certainly elevate the seat height without optical losses. -> additional specification: seat height at least 350 mm.

Dampfboot Sitzhöhe Don Camillo

Enough room for long legs outstretched is indeed present. Alternatively or in combination with a higher seating position I could imagine to install a footrest like in a rowing boat. With a higher back rest then are perhaps 260 mm seat height comfortable even on long trips. The seat issue I will certainly reflect before the implementation in an exact 1:1 model.

Dampfboot Fuss lang Don Camillo

Here again the same situation with a tape measure. 500 mm between the boiler and engine are sufficient for fueling the boiler even in the middle. Alternatively, one could bring the ash pit and firehole to the left or the right. But this would fix the position of the fireman for ever. If two persons doing a trip then they can not share the pyromaniac fun.

Dampfboot Fuss Maschine Don Camillo

The height of the hull above the floor in the seating area is with 50 mm quite pleasant.

Dampfboot Bordwand Don Camillo

In the area of the back rest, I measured 1,370 mm total width. This ensures about 1,230 mm seat width. Even a slightly abundant side deck of 100 to 150 mm width would give enough seat width of 1,100 mm to offer 2 friendly people some comfort. The Division of the Seat - here at Don Camillo for the operation of the variable-pitch propeller - can be eliminated with me.

Dampfboot Breite Sitz Don Camillo

Let's see from the seat back so we can measure the aft deck with about 900 mm length, which for my eyes is quite pleasing proportions. This also brings the rear passengers pretty near to the center of buoyance - and also for boiler service you do not need such a long arm

Dampfboot Achterdeck Don Camillo

Dampfboot Spiegelbreite Don Camillo
Picture above: stern width = 810 mm

Picture below: stern height = 500 mm plus 380 mm below to the skeg.
Dampfboot Spiegelhöhe Don Camillo

Dampfboot Abstand Schraube Don Camillo
Picture above: distance propeller to the hull = 35 mm

Picture below: width of the variable prop = 280 mm
Dampfboot Schraubendurchmesser Don Camillo

Here is the simple but functional rudder held in park position.
Dampfboot Ruder Don Camillo

The front seat cushion on the left and right of the boiler are intended only as emergency seats. Since they have no back rest, you can sit both forwards, as well as backwards. The absense of a back also provide no barrier when moving around in the boat.
Dampfboot Ra auf Pussi Pad Don Camillo

Dampfboot Pussi Pad Breite Don Camillo

Each pad has 450 mm seat depth. The distance between the boiler and the boat's side is at its widest point 540 mm.
In the picture below you can see behind the tape a dark brown stiffening between the seats. It is at this point a substantial reinforcement of the hull. With this you can go without additional frames in the heavily stressed area of boiler and machine.

The storage space on and under the emergency seats can be used perfectly for wood and supplies.

Dampfboot Pussi Pad zum Kessel Don Camillo

Here I have kept the tape only once for a rough assessment dimension to the boiler. The brown metal ring is mounted as an attachment point of the cover for transportation.
Dampfboot Kesselhöhe Don Camillo

For me Don Camillo has always been a reference for the small, easily transportable steam boat. Its measurement and this actual "contact" under the current idea of a self-building have confirmed me in it again. Thank you, Maria and Ewald that you have let me in ;-) Specification - Part 3

Seat height at least 350 mm
Back rest at least 550 mm heigh

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