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5.01 Boiler Requirements

The boiler question also is always a taste thing - about that has been discussed already a lot. In general the water tube boiler on grund of his construction is light weight, but because of the sometimes small quantity of water a little "nervous". On my Emma I designed all drums and watertubes a little bigger. This proved a very quiet boiler with long intervals till the need to refill. On the other hand, I felt the casing construction as very laboriouse, and one also had to exert himself not to make it too heavy.

Now, actually, I would have started constructing a water tube boiler for my Mini. However, then Michael called me that he has bought 5 steam boilers on the Internet. There is something like that not really! How turned out later, these kettles came from the bequest of a german steam boat colleague. This fire tube boiler is equipped with 1.6 m ² (17 sqf) heating surface. This is no luxury. But for quiet waters and a properly dimensioned machine with suitable screw, however, probably enough. Therefore it was fast an agreed thing, to use this boiler as a first equipment for the Mini.


Here the two boilers with 1.6 m ² heating surface which Michael and me want to install in our new boats. To the dimensions comparison in the foreground a 1.5 litres (0.4 gallon) water bottle. There are still no fittings now. Nevertheless, one "starts" so of course faster than from the idea of a drawing.

Michael has to deliver another 3 such boilers - then with a little shorter drum and only 1.1 m ² (12 sqf) heating surface - all from stainless steel with CE certificate from a professional boiler making company -> reflected by its price ;-)

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