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30. May 2011

Steam Boat Emma - Building and Steaming

This page shows the building process and the following usage of my steam boat project Emma. The web layout is arranged like a blog. You will find the new pages at the top of the list below. From every individual page you can directly jump to the next or previouse page without going back to this main page - like in an ordinary book.

With this project I had the ambition to build the boiler, the engine and the boats upper body by my self. In the cases where I could not handle a job with my own tools I always tryed to opperate my friends tools by myself. Only in some special cases like the boiler welding, the grinding of the crankshaft and the sandblasting of the iron hull I hired some "specialists".

The first pictures (at the bottom of this list) are made during the last renovation of the "Tramp" by the previouse owner in 1993. In November 2000 I brought Emma - former Tramp - from the river Rhein to Berlin and started with the dismantling. Some years later in October 2005 I could make my first trip under steam. Since Mai 2007 Emma is under regular opperation. In the next time I have to finish some woodwork and want to improve some of the pipe work.

I am always happy to answer your questions or read your comments and hints about my web space!
rainer @ radow . org

Winterlager 2009 - Dez

Winter Storage in Ice Eis 2009/2010

Winterlager 2008 - Dec

Winter Storage in Ice 2008/2009

Winter storage 2007 - Dec
2008 - Jan

Winter storage

Summer Cruise 2007 - Jul
2007 - Jul

Summer Cruise

Steamboat Emma to Mildenberg 2007 - Mai
2007 - Jun

6-day cruise to Mildenberg

Steamboat Emma first cruise 2005 - Oct
2005 - Aug

First cruise

Steamboat Emma first water contct 2005 - Oct
2005 - Aug

First water contact

Steamboat Emma engine 2005 - Aug
2008 - Jan

How to get a 400 pound engine out of the celar?

Steamboat Emma 2003 - Dec
2008 - Jan

Last Paint

Steamboat Emma 2002 - Dec
2008 - Jan

Emma moves

Steamboat Emma cabin 2002 - Okt
2002 - Okt

First Cabin wood

Steamboat Emma canopy 2002 - Jun
2002 - Jun

Canopy on stanchions

Steamboat Emma building the canopy 2001 - Dec
2001 - Dec

Building the Roof

Steamboat Emma frist paint 2001 - Sep
2001 - Sep

Hull renovation and first paint

Steamboat Emma dismanteling 2001 - Mar
2005 - Jan


Steamboat Emma layout 2001 - Jan
Update 01/2005

First layout studies of my steam launch

Steamboat Emma transport to berlin 2000 - Nov
Update 01/2005

Transport from the river Rhein to Berlin

Steamboat Emma first renovation 1993 - ??
Update 01/2005

Renovation of the hull by the previous owner

Please send me a short comment about my steam boat page, mail to: rainer @ radow . org.
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